2019 RAM 1500 Duratrek 3 in. Side Step Bars – Stainless Steel Crew Cab Review & Install

2019 RAM 1500 Duratrek 3 in. Side Step Bars – Stainless Steel Crew Cab Review & Install

What’s up, guys? Travis from americantrucks.com. And today we’re checkin’ out a super affordable,
pretty high-quality side step for a 2019 or newer Crew Cab RAM 1500. This is the Duratrek 3-Inch Side Step Bar,
featuring a really nice polished stainless steel finish. Comes in just over the $200 price point, and,
honestly, you’re gettin’ a lot more than you’re payin’ for with this particular step. It says that it’s 3 inches in diameter, but
they’re actually measuring the step pads themselves. The actual step, in total, measures 4 inches
in diameter for the entire tube. And even though this is a little bit smaller
than some other more expensive options, it actually still provides plenty of real estate
for your foot. The way that this thing bolts to the truck
with the brackets on either side makes the step actually come away from the body just
enough for you to pretty much dig your foot in there real nice and tight. So if you got larger boots, you’re on a work
site or something like that, these actually provide plenty of real estate and a nice anchoring
point for you to get in and out of the cab. That’s really nice because other steps, especially
running boards, tend to kinda tuck themselves up really close to the cab, and even though
they might provide a wider stepping area, you’re not gonna have as much actual access
to get your foot on there. So even though these are 3 inches in diameter
for the step pads themselves, in my mind, these are actually one of the most functional
side steps that you can currently buy. And, again, that’s a pretty nice deal because
these come in just over the $200 price point. Anything that’s gonna cost less than these
steps is not gonna be made out of stainless steel. Typically, you’ll be getting a carbon steel,
maybe an aluminum step, with a polished or a brushed finish on it. Stainless steel is really nice, obviously,
because it can live outside for long periods of time. You’re not gonna get a bunch of rust and buildup
of corrosion on there. And then brackets that they include with this
kit, guys, they’re very heavy-duty, and, honestly, when you’re paying for more affordable steps,
you’re not suffering quality with the step itself you’re suffering quality with the hardware. But I’m happy to say the brackets that this
thing uses to bolt to the truck are super heavy-duty. I kinda measured them up, actually, and the
actual mounting locations for the step itself comes out to about 1/2 an inch thick of solid
steel. So it’s safe to say you can throw plenty of
weight on these guys and they’re not goin’ anywhere. Even though those brackets are really heavy-duty,
it’s still a bolt-on kit, by the way. You don’t have to drill any holes underneath
there because, for once, they were actually nice enough for the 2019 model year to throw
some studs under there pre-threaded. So all we’re doing is pretty much throwing
the brackets in place, bolting them down with a couple of nuts and washers, and throwing
the step on. Very simple stuff, guys. You can do it in the driveway in a single
afternoon, so for that reason I’m gonna go ahead and give the install a soft one out
of three wrenches on our old difficulty meter. Shouldn’t take you more than an hour or two,
and, honestly, if it’s taking you two hours, you’re probably using hand tools and you’re
taking your time. This is a very easy step to install. So think about it a little bit more, check
it out on the site. If you like the polished finish, you don’t
want anything else, go ahead and pull the trigger on them and come back in a little
bit. I’ll show you exactly what tools you need
to get the job done, and I’m actually gonna show you how easy it is to get these things
bolted on in just a minute. All right, so these are all the tools that
you need to install your side step. Before we get started with the tools, though,
something to point out here. These studs underneath the truck do have some
paint from the factory, so definitely want some sort of a paint thinner, brake cleaner
works in a pinch, and definitely get, like, a wire brush, chase the threads, clean them
up, get the paint off of there so you’re not cross threading anything. Once you got that taken care of, you’ll need
a standard drive ratchet, couple of deep sockets, including a 13, an 18, a 19, and a 21-mil. Definitely want some impact tools, make this
thing a little bit easier, especially for those body mount bolts, they’re pretty tight. If you don’t have any impact tools, recommend
a breaker bar. All right, guys, so once you got everything
out of the kit, you got the tools out of the box, the first thing you wanna do is grab
our rear-facing bracket here. We’re gonna start on our driver side. Obviously, you don’t have to. You can start on passenger side if you like. But, at any rate, gonna grab this large bracket. Flat side goes against the rocker panel directly
on the studs that are installed from the factory. Once you have it in place, all you need to
do is grab the flat washers provided in the kit and place them over our three studs. Once you’ve done so, grab the nylon lock nuts
in the kit, go ahead and get those hand-threaded onto the studs as well. And while I’m doing this, this is a good thing
to point out here. The studs from the factory are gonna be coated
in the paint for your vehicle, so you wanna chase the threads, clean them up a little
bit. Maybe kinda get these threaded on and then
kinda pull them back off. Work them on there slowly. That way, you’re not cross threading anything,
you’re not building up a ton of heat on the nut or the stud itself. Some brake cleaner will definitely help with
a wire brush. But, at any rate, once you have those cleaned
up and you have these hand-threaded, go ahead and drive them home with our 13-millimeter
socket. All right, next we need to install our secondary
support bracket here. It’s going to be mounting to this body bolt
up here, just like so. You got the tab facing towards the rear of
the truck. Go ahead and grab a 21-millimeter socket in
order to remove this body bolt. And once you’ve removed the body bolt, go
ahead and throw the bracket up there and replace our bolt. Pretty simple. As you’re tightening down this bracket, you
wanna make sure that the bottom hole on the bracket lines up with the hole in our primary
bracket because that’s what we’re gonna use to push our main bolt through to secure our
side step All right, now that we have the rear done
up, we’re gonna do the exact same thing to the front, so we’re gonna throw our primary
bracket in place, followed by our flat washers, followed by our nylon locking nuts. Get all three of these hand-tightened first
and, again, chase the threads. Really make sure you get that paint off of
there. Definitely not worth cross threading one of
these guys because, if you do, trying to replace one of these studs is gonna be a real pain
in the ass. So just take your time, make sure they thread
on nicely, and, again, tighten them down with a 13-mil socket. Tryin’ to tighten down this top one up here
with a impact gun’s gonna be a little tight, so you’ll probably wanna grab an air ratchet
or a regular hand ratchet. And we’ll do the same exact thing for that
secondary bracket here. Have to remove this front body bolt. This bolt is a little bit smaller than the
rear one. You’ll need to step it down from a 21 to an
18-mil deep socket, or it can be deep or shallow, whichever. Go ahead and throw our bracket in place. Make sure the triangle on the bracket’s facing
up and the little lip of it is facing toward the front of the vehicle. Go ahead and get the bolt hand-threaded first,
make sure it’s not cross threading or anything, and tighten it back down. All right, now that we have all of our brackets
in place, we can throw our side step on. In order to secure the side step to both the
brackets, you’re gonna have to grab these large hex bolts in the kit. They also have a crush washer and a flat washer
for each one. All you need to do is hold the side step up
on both of the brackets. Make sure that the pre-threaded holes in the
step are aligned with the hole in the bracket. Go ahead and get both of these hand-tightened,
and then we’ll drive them home. We need a 19-millimeter socket for these. All right, so once you got the step bolted
down on either end, take a step back, make sure you’re happy with where the step pads
are located under the doors. If you need to adjust the step forward or
back, all you really need to do is loosen up those nuts on the brackets a little bit,
and you can kinda slide them around, tighten them back down. That’ll wrap up the install. That also wraps up my review of Duratrek’s
Polished Stainless Steel 3-Inch Side Step Bars, fitting your 2019 or newer Crew Cab
RAM 1500. Be sure to check them out more on the site,
and, as always, for all things RAM, keep it right here at americantrucks.com.

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