2018 Pittsburgh Steelers Mock Draft Post Combine: Official Mock (5 rounds): #6

22 thoughts on “2018 Pittsburgh Steelers Mock Draft Post Combine: Official Mock (5 rounds): #6

  1. I just don't see offense in 3 of the first 5 picks. Anthony Miller in round 2 is clutch, but we still need another OLB also.

  2. I’m not sure if Miller is going to have the rookie year juju did but he is an absolute stud. He has that dog in him, he’s so talented, and he has the work ethic of AB, they can work together and improve eachother. Iron shapes iron.

  3. I like LVE if Mason is gone I have faith and I’m pretty sure the Steelers have faith Shazier will come back after this upcoming season and if he does LVE complements hShazier perfectly Shazier has stop sideline to sideline to stop players like T Hill and LVE can cover TE (Shazier weakness) and can run stuff and with more development can be the next Luke Kuechly Love Anthony Miller IMO if Gesicki or Goedert were available I would love that also

  4. steelers need too some how trade up to get florida St safety james i will give 1st and next draft 2nd for him got to get best player if let patriots out class them every year

  5. I like the mock draft brother, quick are you a fan of Nyhaim Hynes or Kalen Ballage, I still think nose tackle depth is a must because I think McCullers is going to survive training camp anyway keep up the good work brother!!! GO STEELERS

  6. Who’s the prospect we’d draft if Mason gets snatched by Patriots or another team and LVE goes to like Dallas Titans or somewhere else I think if Da’Ron Payne was available then might be the pick but most likely we snatch Guice or Michel

  7. I can see this being how it ends up if LVE is available Because we are in win now mode. And if we don't take a QB this year, we will in 2020 and it'll be Jake Fromm or Tua

  8. If Steeler draft Anthony Miller in second from where they draft that would be a steal…The 3rd for Steelers has to contribute RB is not needed but that Tight end would be great..or even a Safety ??

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