2016-2018 Silverado 1500 BlackHorse Off Road OEM Look Upper Overlay Grille – Chrome Review & Install

2016-2018 Silverado 1500 BlackHorse Off Road OEM Look Upper Overlay Grille – Chrome Review & Install

Hey, guys. Adam here from americantrucks.com and today
we’re taking a quick look at and installing the Black Horse Off Road OEM Like Upper and
Lower Grille Overlays in Chrome, available for the ’16 to ’18 Silverado 1500s. You should be checking out this upper and
lower grille overlay set if you’re looking to change up a little bit of that front end
appearance for the guys who may have a factory black grille set but if you have that chrome
grille set off the factory line this is a good option for the guys who wanna replace
or overlay a damaged grille. These blend in 100% with that factory chrome
trim we have here on my ’16 Silverado. As you can see, the bumper and that middle
piece as well as this top eyebrow at the hood, they’re all factory chrome. It is the exact same reflective design with
that chrome trim. Only difference is we don’t have to remove
our factory grille. We’re not completely replacing it. We’re just sticking these over the factory
ones. You should know guys that this is all applied
using 3M automotive bonding tape. There’s no drilling, there’s no cutting, there’s
no removing anything, no bolting on. It’s so, so simple. Anybody can do it. Now the good thing about this is it’s using
a high quality ABS construction. It’s not as thick as your factory grille but
it is very durable and impact resistant so I’m not worried about it whatsoever. It’s also very weather resistant. So that 3M automotive tape isn’t coming off
when it rains. It’s not coming off when it snows. You can even run it through the car wash without
having to worry about it. I will say though guys, if you are in areas
that see extreme weather changes from summer to winter, might be a good idea to use adhesion
promoter just to make sure you get that added support and added piece of mind. Now the whole grille here is coming in right
around the $200 mark for that 2 piece set, upper and lower. 3M tape’s already applied to the back end
which makes life a whole lot easier. You don’t have to cut up rolls of it at all. You don’t have to pick up 3M tape yourself
but if you wanna use adhesion promoter you have to pick that up separately. Now the install. One out of three wrenches on our difficulty
meter. Literally anybody can tackle it in the driveway
at home in I’d say about 15 minutes, maybe 20 from start to finish especially if you’re
taking that extra step with the promoter. I’m gonna show you guys every step of the
process. We’re not using promoter on our truck simply
because for video purposes we are just gonna take this off when we’re done. But for you guys at home, it’s just one added
step that’s very easy. I’m gonna show you guys every step. Let’s get to it. Tools suggested for this install include a
blade, soap and water mixture in a squirt bottle and a clean microfiber or an alcohol
wipe. All right, guys. The first step here for the install is actually
very crucial. What you wanna do is clean off your factory
upper and lower grille so that the 3M tape gets a really good bond. You wanna clear it of all dirt and dust because
that can prohibit that bond and the last thing you want is this guy falling off on the highway
or something. You definitely don’t want that to happen so
make sure you don’t skip this step. Using soap and water mixture in a squirt bottle
and a microfiber is your best bet. If not, you can always use alcohol wipes. That’ll do the trick as well. So what we’re gonna do is just lightly spray
this guy down, spray our microfiber and we’re just gonna give this guy a good wipe. Really what you wanna focus on are these outer
edges. Top, bottom and in between. Wanna get all in there as well. Everywhere that the 3M tape is gonna contact. Make sure you do both upper and lower. Now this next step can be a little tedious. We’ve got our overlays sitting on the table,
front side down. What you wanna do is remove all the red backing
on the 3M tape. This is obviously gonna be a little bit tedious. They’re really deep in there and they’re also
in tight spaces and they’re small so I’m using a box cutter here, just a blade to lift up
on that red backing and just peeling those guys straight back. There’s a lot of them so just take your time,
get all this off. You wanna make sure you’re not ripping off
the actual tape itself. Just that backing. So once you have this lined up, if it’s not
working out for you guys, just try to flip it over. It sits a little more snug on the opposite
end. So we’re gonna have this both sides really
stuck in and you’re just gonna move into the middle, do the same thing. Just gonna push, make sure you’re pushing
top and bottom to get it to stick. Then you can do the same for the bottom. All right, so before we put our lower grille
overlay on I wanna just talk about some of the similarities and differences between the
two and as you can see and as we talked about on our 2016 LT here, ours came with that black,
that matte black upper and lower grille, so going from that to this is definitely a giant
difference but what I really wanna point out about the Black Horse option here is how OEM
like it actually is. The rest of this is factory. This chrome upper piece, the bumper and you
can see how well that blends in with the Black Horse. So the chrome itself with the polished finish
on top definitely looks OEM and the quality of the materials is that ABS construction
so it is durable. It’s not as thick as your factory grille but
it is going to be the exact same as far as the quality of material. So I really like that about this. It blends in really well and that’s my biggest
thing when you’re going with an OEM like material like this. Now putting the lower grille on, we’re gonna
really get everything to blend in together so that’s really all for the similarities
and differences. You’re really just going from that black,
at least on our trim, to the chrome but if you have chrome already that’s damaged, this
is a really good way to make it look completely OEM. So let’s get that lower grille, throw it in
place. All right. Now we’re doing the same thing on our lower
grille. Now as you can see, this is side specific. You can see they angle upward on the factory
grille so we wanna follow that when we’re putting on our new overlay. Get that to line up, put pressure all around
and remember guys, if you wanna use adhesion promoter, you can do that. You can open up that packet. There’s a little sponge inside. You can apply that to the factory grille to
get that to stick more permanently but we’re getting it to stick just like this here. As you have that pressure put all around. Before you go tugging on it at all or going
through a car wash give it a couple hours, maybe a full day to actually cure and have
that 3M get that really good bond. Then you can take it out to the car wash and
you’ll be good to go. Well, guys, that’s gonna wrap up my review
and install for the Black Horse Off Road OEM Like Upper and Lower Grille Overlays in the
Chrome Finish for the ’16 to ’18 Silverado. And now if you wanna get this, it’s a really
good kit to get for about 200 bucks. You can get yours right here at americantrucks.com.

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