2005-2014 Mustang GT, V6 Russell Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Kit Review

2005-2014 Mustang GT, V6 Russell Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Kit Review

Hey guys, Stephanie with americanmuscle.com,
here with the review of the Russell Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Kit for 2005 to 2014
GT and V6 Mustangs with AVS. There’re a handful of reasons to upgrade your
brake lines. Yours could be broken or damaged, you could
have a spongy feeling pedal that you wanna get rid of, you’re upgrading our brakes and
you’re gonna be in the area anyway, or maybe you want upgraded braking, but you don’t have
the money for a big brake kit so you’re looking at adding brake lines to your build to increase
your stopping performance. Whatever the reason may be, these are gonna
be a good option for you if you’re looking for front and rear, direct fit braided stainless
steel lines that are gonna function better than the stock rubber lines. Just like the stock clutch line, the stock
break lines can also experience expansion, especially as they get older. The stock brake hoses are made from rubber
and the rubber allows for this expansion. These lines from Russell are braided stainless
steel hoses with zinc plated fittings. The stainless steel won’t allow for the expansion
in the lines and that means a firmer pedal feel and better braking performance. These are not universal hoses, these are direct
fit upgrade replacements that are specifically designed for the 2005 to 2014 GT and V6 Mustangs
with anti-lock brake systems. Anything direct fit is usually a better bet,
in my opinion. Fits better, it functions better, and it tends
to last longer and have less issues functioning, in my personal experience, so I like that
these lines are direct fit. They also have zinc fitting so they’ll be
leakproof. These lines are designed for stock application,
so if you already have a big brake upgrade kit that has totally changed your braking
setup, you would need to find lines that would work with that setup. But if you have stock or stock upgrade components,
these will work for you just fine and these will work with Brembo equipped cars as well. These are DOT approved and they’re 50 state
legal as well, so they meet or exceed the DOT guidelines. This kit includes both front and rear lines,
so this is a complete kit that’ll upgrade you all the way around. When it comes to price, you can expect to
pay a little north of the $100 mark for this kit. This is right in the middle of the price range
when you look at other options that are out there. You have a full performance upgrade kit that
still keeps the rubber lines, but they’re upgraded rubber. And then you have a stainless steel Teflon
option from J&M that’s a little bit more expensive than this kit here is. Either way, at the end of the day, if you’re
looking for a consistent pedal feel, you can’t go wrong upgrading your lines. This install is a bit more involved and it’s
gonna take some expertise, as well as some time. I wouldn’t recommend this as a first-time
job for anyone. You’ll get spending a couple hours in the
garage by the time you get everything finished up and the brakes bled, and this is gonna
be a two outta three wrenches on the difficulty meter. You need a handful of tools and I’d keep some
brake fluid on deck as well as an empty bottle to bleed into. You’re gonna need to get the car in the air
to remove the wheels. You can start by pulling the brake lines right
away and there are retaining clips that you need to pull the lines away from. They’ll be a nut and banjo bolt at the caliper
connection point that you remove so that you can remove the brake line. This kit comes with new lines so you won’t
need to save your old ones. You’ll install your washers and banjo bolt
on to the new lines, install your fasteners, and make sure the connection at the caliper
is installed in the same orientation it was removed. Once you reinstall the clips and brackets
and tighten the connectors, you’re all done and it’s time to bleed the brakes. Of course, bleeding the brakes is an easier
process if you have a helping hand, and you’re gonna wanna make sure that the master cylinder
is full and topped off. Wrapping things up here with the Russell Stainless
Steel Braided Brake Line Kit, this kit includes both front and rear braided stainless steel
lines that won’t allow for expansion and will, in turn, give better braking performance and
a more consistent pedal feel. As always, you can check it out more online
right here at americanmuscle.com.

3 thoughts on “2005-2014 Mustang GT, V6 Russell Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Kit Review

  1. 1st time doing a replacements for brake lines but I've done my breaks a couple of time. Install time is about 5 hours. Strongly suggest to do it when it time to replace break pads & or rotors. Change all guide pins, rubber boots, brake brakets & most important the pin that holds the break lines in place (DON'T cheap out on these), brake bleed & call it a day. Great video!!

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