2005-2010 Mustang MBRP Axleback Exhaust Sound Clip – Aluminized or Stainless Steel (4.6L GT) Review

Hey everybody I’m Justin with AmericanMuscle.com,
and this is going to be my review of the MBRP Axle-Back Exhaust System available for your
2005 to 2010 Mustang GT in your choice of either an aluminized steel construction or
a full stainless build. The MBRP System here is going to be for any
’05 to ’10 owner out there who is looking to get some more volume out of his or her
ride but without emptying your wallet in the process. Now in fact the aluminized steel
version which I do have on the table here in front of me is going to be one of the most
affordable axle backs for your three-valve here on the site priced in line with that
and some of the pipe stuff but yet a far cry from some of the more premium options such
as Corsa or LTH. Sticking with the MBRP aluminized steel version
I have here again, guys, a great budget system. But MBRP does offer again this same exact
kit but in a full stainless version. It’s going to offer all those durability and appearance
benefits you come to expect from a stainless build, and it’s only going to be a few bucks
more, very reasonable overall. Now both systems do utilize the same formula.
You’re going to get some rounded chambered mufflers here, 2.5 mandrel bend on the tubing,
finally 3.5 inch slash cut tips as per the MBRP logo. Now despite the difference in materials between
the aluminized steel and full stainless, you can expect roughly the same tone from both
systems thanks largely in part to the fact that they utilize the same muffler. After hearing this system in person and reading
some of the reviews, I can definitely agree that this thing’s going to offer a nice aggressive
tone, but it’s going to be clean overall, not very raspy or anything like that, offer
a great presence with zero drone whatsoever. For that reason alone, I’m going to give it
a solid three out of five on our overall loudness meter with one being close to relatively stock
and five just being crazy loud. Moving on to the installation. Now getting
a new axle-back installed onto your three-valve, not a big deal whatsoever. Very easy job.
So for that reason alone, we’re going to give it a solid one out of three wrenches on our
overall difficulty meter. Now figure about an hour or two before you’re making some noise,
of course you want to have your jack and jack stands ready or ramps or a lift if you’re
one of the lucky ones out there and figure an assortment of hand tools, sockets, things
like that and you should be able to get this thing banged out, no problem. So if you’re on a tight budget or maybe you’re
saving up for some other mods but rolling around in a stock or quiet GT is certainly
not going to apply, then I think the MBRP system here is going to be a great option
for your ’05 to ’10 Mustang GT, and you can grab your set right here at AmericanMuscle.com.

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