Hi guys What’s up? I’m the interesting and I’m Ficus We decided to reach a new level And make a 2-storey house 2-storey house from scotch tape And if you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet Click the button below and subscribe it right now. Let’s get started I’m using this cool thing for the first time in my life for welding and it seems like a completely different system. I didn’t expect our house to be so big, It’s like a Gandalf’s house If we make a ceiling here, it’s really very big, simply giant By the way it looks scary Good for training Our framework is ready so now we came to pick up the main item of this video- the duct tapes wow! They’re so colorful Now Ficus will proceed to the most important task of today, continue eating. Gryffindor You were waiting for me? These OSB’s are so thick probably we’ve never used such ones before. They’re thick because it will be our floor I’m wondering why she needs these two bricks. May be she’s building a house and she decided to pick up 2 bricks each time Then in a year she needs to buy more than 700 bricks and it’ll take her 10 years to build the house. I think she will do some kind of decorating Yes it could be or maybe the place where she lives is not much safe, so possibly She’ll carry on her bag Yes, one for her and the other for her son Our plan of action is as follows: At first, while our house is lying and it’s convenient to do anything, we’ll put the floor on the second floor, and then we’ll make the roof also in this state. After that we’ll place it back and will do the rest, and we’ll also provide it with electricity. You wrote us in the comments, in fact many of you that it’s time for us to buy an electric jigsaw and now we finally have this machine. And today is that historical moment when Interesting Ficus opens their first house construction school. And we have our first student Sergey. Today, he’ll learn how to saw OSB sheets with an electric jigsaw Guys, that’s the already cut mark line, and this is what he sawed off, aren’t you ashamed? So do I need to do it again? You didn’t even explain me. Did I tell you how I once went out of the Golden Gate? wow! Nice story And then later when I went there As you can see the floor and the ceiling are ready Now we’ll cover our roof in this position because in standing position it’ll be quite difficult It’s time for the duct tape For greater reliability and water resistance, we put the duct tape in two layers, one layer inside and the other outside, that’s why we’re rounding it up. This will be my hideout. Who are you? Good-bye This turned out to be a cool attic , so red and attractive. It’s already done and it’s quite impenetrable because of its great thickness We decided to cover the second floor with yellow color, because it will nicely combine with the red Yes and the first one can be green or blue I think blue will look nice I told you yellow and red will combine nicely How’s it there? Bit frightening right now It really turned out bigger than what we expected and it looks as bright as a cartoon character. Now we’re finishing up the second floor from this side as well with yellow and the bottom we’ll cover with blue or green. Guys, our house reminds me of the traffic light. Red, yellow and green Peek-a-boo I’ve a plaster from cardboard DIY Cover it with duct tape and some bandages and say to your teacher that “I’ve a broken hand so I can’t right the test today”. It drizzled a bit here now the clouds are passing off the roof and the sun makes its way through the house. Well, that’s why I like the rain more precisely when it stops raining; the feeling of that silence around, the moistness and fresh air and everything is just so calm And when you hear the bird’s chirping noise it makes your mood so romantic. This real peace, the profound calmness and all these moment I adore the most after the rain stops. Wow! We have got a traffic light By the way, these colors symbolize the Google Chromo logo, did you notice that? Yeah? Yes, it has red, green and yellow color as well. Let’s see what we’ve in the second floor. Wow! It’s so yellowish inside But do you know why? And a red roof Well, there’s a very good illumination in spite of the lack of windows Now I’m making the door for the entrance. Well, let see what kind of curtains he got. Wow! That’s so cool. I feel like Alice in the wonderland Just that I’m Ficus That’s great. Well, look at our door. Ficus, Yes Ficus in Wonderland. Hey it sounds much better – Ficus in Wonderland Ok, now let me see your wonderland. I’m climbing up Where’s my television? Wow! It’s so faintly bright over here Where are my soap bubbles? And here’s a Life Hack for those who have a house from Duct tape Now we’ll provide it with electricity and we’re doing this according to the rules, we led out such a pipe from the house through which the cord will pass. This is the brightest house of all that we did. It’s the most beautiful, saturated and the most colorful house. And to make this boring awful hanging wire looks attractive, we decorated it with such flags. This house is looks so fairy, it seems to me that now Rapunzel will look out of this window and lower her braids for me. This is really fabulous You just look at it And these flags which we hanged up perfectly complement this whole atmosphere of the fairy world. Oh, how cozy its here. Well, one more thing’s left and that’s to make the chandeliers for every room. we will make them from such glasses and flower vases and here’s your chandeliers are ready. Well, now the most important thing is that they work because it’s all I made myself. Peek-a-boo So our traffic lights are now on. It looks like a picture from far, simply a standing picture or some kind of cartoon, really it looks cartoonish The sign says climb out here Most importantly, here we have a television Here also its almost like a full room, you can lie down and sleep, or you can store your things. The space is sufficient and it has also got a thick floor. Guys this is probably the most colorful house we’ve ever made And also the most fairy and extraordinary house And moreover, at the same time it is quite stable like an iron pillar and I think it can accommodate a lot of people inside If you give this video a lot of likes, then in the next video or after the next we will make a 3-storey house If you want to see it, then be sure to hit the likes and write about it in the comments so that we can know that you really want it Yes, and then, by the way, can be a 4-storey too. So hit the likes Leave your comments Subscribe to the channel Click the bell to know first about our new videos. Thanks for watching See you soon, Bye


  1. I like your videos because you are so happy. And such deep thoughts from Ficus. I can't stop smiling while watching your silliness.

  2. They sound a little weird but they are realy cool 😎 keep up the good work bros it's soo good I subbed you always make me laght LOL 😂

  3. How did you get the electricity to the house and what did you use to build your lights. I am thinking i will make one of these for my kids play house in the yard. I love the idea its amazing.

  4. Is so cool 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😃😃😃😃😃😃🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  5. Can u come here in the philippines and help me build my house….I really like what u did its really amazing…

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