1G 7018 (SMAW) Fill and Cap: 2 Inch Sch 80 Pipe

25 thoughts on “1G 7018 (SMAW) Fill and Cap: 2 Inch Sch 80 Pipe

  1. I had to do my 6G on a 2 inch sc80. It was also the only pipe I learned on and did my TSSA on. Hard ass pipe, which I woulda had this video 6 months ago!

  2. I love 7018 uphill on pipe but 2" is my nemesis. I have two repaired shoulder and getting 'comfortable' is impossible for me. I haven’t figured that out yet Bob. Love your videos.

  3. I'd love to see a video on horizontal schedule 40 hand cut and beveled 12" or bigger pipe. On irrigation pipelines here in Alberta we put on a lot of riser tops in the field. We usually add or shorten to get on grade. The elbow coming up is not always level and we can only trim it to weld the top vertically level.

  4. Will need to try lower current settings when running plates. Haven't done much 7018 thus far – and all of it the -ac flavor.

  5. for real bob, I appreciate you not advertising like that shill with a leather bit that was trying to blend welds. I'm actually interested in one of those wire wheels that won't sling wires everywhere. and all you did was nonchalantly advertise it and use it in the video while still teaching. ?

  6. How's it going Bob, thank you for sharing a new to your community I just seen your video on running your 6013 rods nice straight line good job thank you for what you're doing in this community. I look forward to hear from you when you're using a 6010 and your welding on quarter inch plate what should your gauges be set at 80 100? Or what bye for now Ken

  7. Hello Bob, great video and thanks for sharing.
    latelly I ve seen a welder, weld refrigeration pipe with about 1/8 inch of thickness, with 6013 electrode at about 60 amps …the welder was about 70 years old and very experienced i asked im why not using 7018 …and he said that for that thickness 7018 blows a hole on pipe…i never tried but, because i think you are the best..i would like to know if you think that this is a good method?…thank you…best regards

  8. Why a Tig root instead of a 6010 or 6011 root? Is there a benefit or is it just what you had laying around the shop?

  9. Bob — Curious if you could maybe build a roll out wheel and show how it's all done? Be interested in some ideas of how you build it. I have seen simple ones and I have seen some high end prefab but I would like to see one actually built.

    Excellent video by the way !!!?

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