1940s Metal Lathe [Restoration]

There is no room on the other side of the pin to punch it out These will need to be fixed Surprise! This is locked in…for now This needs replacing, so I can be aggressive. The set screw made a large burr Check to see how worn the bushing are These need new bushings I’ll try to open this after rust removal The original paint is not too bad, but it needs to be redone. This bushing needs to be replaced No lead paint…odd Using wax instead of paint Self-etching primer 4 coats of grey enamel paint This part is aluminum, so I am not going to paint it Making sure all machined surfaces are “flat” These small parts help hold the cross-slide to the ways… These gibs should really be made of brass Apply maple syrup liberally I almost forgot the spacer! This wing-nut clamps the cross-slide down to the bed of the lathe… This amount of movement is not ok… I installed a spacer to help with the slack New bronze bushings Manual says to use oil, not grease This nut adjusts the tightness of the bushing I re-installed the brass washers on the gears as well I am replacing this with the dead-centre from the spindle “New” wheel from some guy on the internet Centring the tailstock Centring the cutter Not that bad!

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