#1 Tig Welding Tip For Amazing Welds

#1 Tig Welding Tip For Amazing Welds

What is up guys? so if you dont know me, I am Kyle Voss and I like to make stuff in my small 3 car garage I am a mid level fabricator, I dont claim to be the best fabricator of welder out there but I have a tip for ya…this is the number one tip for tig welding if you just beginning to tig weld this is the number one thing you need to worry about alot of high end tig welders give pointers, and they are all good pointers but I think sometimes they go a little too in depth and they forget to drive home this tip right here CLEAN EVERYTHING! everyone know you have to have clean material right?

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  1. Excellent video! I had to learn the hard way but yeah your right. Experts will tell you everything about technique and flow etc. but overlook cleanliness. Thats why I just use Mig most of the time because Tig setup takes forever unless Im doing exhaust stuff them its worth the wait.

  2. Excellent tip.
    There is no such thing as too clean when TIG welding.
    I learned the hard way, do not mix/use tungsten electridess, grinding wheels, flap discs, wire wheels between metals such as do not use items previously used on mild steel on stainless or aluminum.
    If one fabricates with all three metal families they should have three totally dedicated sets of tungsten, grinding wheels, flap discs and wire wheels that are marked or color coded.
    The same holds true for grinding tungsten electrodes, the grinding wheel used will deposit metal cross contaminates on the tungsten electrode and ultimately degrade the weld quality in both looks and strength.
    Acetone is everyone's friend for the final prep cleaning.
    Thanks for all that you share.

  3. That is a very important tip when it comes to tig welding. I like the new intro video. Maybe more welding tips in the future?

  4. excellent must learn slowly, this welding is very special, because one makes what he wants, imaguinacion is the limit, so long and said the practice makes perfect and practicing get very far. Cheers

  5. Its not tip its a #1 rule
    I'm a cook and I know that 🙂
    Grind it smooth and don't allow "dirt" in your welds cos that dirt might be a particle of carbon steel in stainless weld and that might start corrosion or weaken weld spot not to mention that it might look bad.

  6. Acetone is your friend. Grease, scale, and anything other than base metal is bad! lol Pro tip: Be mindful of the cleaners you use. Some will put off deadly vapors when exposed to heat.

  7. Excellent tip, not just for TIG though. I haven't tried TIG yet, but I will definitely apply your tip series cough: hint when I do… 😉

  8. This is the first thing I learned when I started as an apprentice. The cleaner the surface/tool you have, the better the weld will look. And do not forget the fitment. The better the fitment, the better the weld will be!

  9. My Alu welds wheren't amazing nor good, then an old tig welder told me to clean the crap out of the filler rod. Worked excellent!
    my top tips are > pre-heat Alu and Stainless since cracking and warping can be a problem, also consider using root gas!!!

  10. I've been debating getting a welder, mainly just to fabricate random things. I'm glad I found your channel, I'll probably be using it a lot.

  11. very true lol….I used to catch a lot of crap from guys in the shop because I had a box of scotchbright/brushes/rags and got highly pissed when peeps raided it for my acetone or detail brushes…..even welding old porous castings is much easier if ya take the time to prep and preferably bake them first….degrease>wash>oven bake>wash>acetone(repeat as needed) then weld…talking aluminum tranny and engine cases but ya get the drift

  12. %100 agree with you. Like how you emphasis "clean the crap out of it" i notice when I half ass clean how shitty my welds are.

  13. Small 3 car garage lol, in the UK that's huge! I've the tiniest workshop known to man, half a,1 car garage and have a lathe, hydraulic press, TIG bench, workbench engine stand and tool cabinet. You guys are spoilt.

  14. … thanks for that truth Bomb Funny the cleaner looking stainless needs less cleaning than the dirty mild steel . i also did a few good looking aluminium welds on a manifold once that had really fine porosity probably dirty .
    I really like the humility saying he's not a shit hot fabricator kind of wins my trust right there

  15. Awesome channel!! Recently came across your channel while reviewing TIG videos. Nice to come across a channel, from time to time, with videos that are informative and not inundated with useless content. Keep up the good work!

  16. I have been a master aircraft welder 45+ years and you hit the nail on both ends…I have always stressed the complete cleaning of everything in the welding environment. I have told Welders asking for advice this too. Some listen, some don't, and some say I am full of shit, but the results speak for themselves I never had my welds fail. It is well worth the effort………Carry onJohn Clark USN Retired

  17. Yes sir, especially on Aluminum. I kept cleaning all my aluminum with acetone and stainless brush only to find I still had contamination in my welds. I decided to start running each piece of filler rod through acetone on a clean rag even if they looked shiney and you wouldn't believe the amount of black that comes off. I noticed immediately the difference in my weld puddles.

  18. Of course i have had failures we all have but my statement refers to not having aircraft going down
    Because of my welding that was always inspected
    And approved…….I was just making a comment to help the next generation …… Not to tell every one that
    I am infallible

  19. I have a different question. Do you ever purge the pipes you're welding? I'm not sure if that's stainless or not, but I've always heard you should purge stainless. Is it really necessary?

  20. You told us to clean everything? You are funny. 🙂 You cleaned everything and welded without purge. So what makes sense to clean if you do not purge stainless steel pipe.

  21. YES ! I teach / advise a college design competition and train beginner welders. CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN…. many don't believe how important it is and they struggle. Finally, 1 student did it and his welds came out beautiful! He actually called me out in a meeting, agreed with me, thanked me, and said sorry he doubted me.

    If I can add #2 most important tip = Get close enough to SEE what you are doing. In the latter part of this video, the time lapse part, you are up close when welding to SEE. If you need to use a magnifier, get one !

  22. Absolutly right…. I weld most of the time aluminum and if it's not clean you are in all sort of trouble…

  23. i been a welder for atleast 2 seconds lol joke–i just amazed bt the quality of welding i see on utube-its a fucking fine art guys

  24. Ok, I totally agree, but what I have yet to see is the process. Lately I've been experimenting with muriatic acid and acetone, but it still leaves a black residue and I can see crap floating in the puddle. My guess is impurities in the cheap assed Chinese steel… Thinking about electrolysis using a similar material cathode. Thoughts?

  25. What kind of TIG welder would you suggest I look into? TIG is something I've wanted to learn and fabricate with for some time now. I've been looking into the ESAB Rebel multifunction MIG/TIG/Stick (they're marketing team is doing work!) but I can't seem to find any videos of it doing TIG. Any tips on where to learn more before I purchase anything?

  26. I have to agree with you 100%! If you weld through trash your welds will be trash. If you take and put acetone on a rag and wipe off your filler metal you will be surprised at how much oil comes off on the rag.

  27. Since cleaning is the name of the game today I would like to ask everyone to never use chlorinated brake and parts cleaner to clean any parts to be welded. Also keep brake cleaner 25 feet away from the welding area. The residue from brake parts cleaner when exposed to the welding arc can deteriorate into phosgene gas. Phosgene gas is very hazardous it can cause neurological damage and even death. The neurological damage caused by exposure to phosgene gas is cumulative and irreversible!

  28. Also with stainless pipe – purge it EVERY TIME!! Start the arc, run quickly using as little heat as possible in order to stop carbon mixing with the chromium. I used to wonder why my welds looked crap on the inside until I started purging, now they're decent enough for service, mainly exhaust work. You can't be clean enough especially using aluminum; I use a scotchbrite pad, then stainless brush and then acetone just before I begin to weld. If you get into cleaning from the outset the road to better welding will be a much easier ride 🙂

  29. You do make cool stuff and yes Clean Everything and when your done go clean it again and again !! LOL the best tip in the world. ScottAero?

  30. I am repurposing old aluminum engine part, etc. What is the best way you've found to throughly clean the aluminum? Love your videos.

  31. I've watched a few of your videos but you won me over with this one. I'm glad you pointed out the importance of clean material

  32. I was told in sales, preparation equals success and I get the same results when I weld. Crazy good advice.

  33. You got it! The old saying cleanliness is next to Godliness applies, keep a shop vac around and if you're welding steel remember that the polarity being straight causes almost all metal, grinding shavings, and the dirt carried with them to migrate toward your weld puddle, almost like they're magnetically drawn. I'm not sure why but it is what happens so stopping every now and then to vacuum up the mess (especially after grinding, feathering, etc.) will spare you from the results…dirty welds!

  34. idk, there are a ton of situations I encounter daily that do not require or benefit from cleaning. esp with ss. with alum and ti o highly recommend cleaning. alum with a clean dedicated ss brush

  35. hey you shouldn't say You're not a welder.. If you are constantly on a process other than plan short circuit hobby type welders. You're a welder!

    I went to a university that's one of if not the best in my state. We have world award winning champion welders that come out of that school. and this was great advice man. Keep it up! I'll Keep watching​ love what you do.

  36. true clean everything. in the real world doing that on a job u wasting hours cleaning ur milking the job lol.

  37. so very true I just had a in depth conversation with someone who didn't agree with me on that I do a lot of weld repair on slimy greasy restaurant equipment and cleaning shit is key

  38. Thanks for posting all this great stuff kyle. Only suggestion i can make after clean clean clean… is… cover up your exposed skin.. the radiation from welding is far greater than that of the sun and… cancer dont care who you are..
    Keep up the great work.

  39. Totally agree.bought my first ac-dc tig 3 weeks ago and started on some alu & stainless from the scrapyard uncleaned.turned out like shit.got told to clean it at my local welding shop,wire brushed and acetoned it ,world of difference

  40. I do stick and mig … and I have a tig machine but feel a little intimidated. But this gives me more confidence to give it a shot!

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