1 Person water Tank install 22,000 Litre 5000 Gallon how to do it by yourself Andy Thomsen EP.46

1 Person water Tank install 22,000 Litre 5000 Gallon how to do it by yourself Andy Thomsen EP.46

Andys Fishing on Youtube Is this trailer going to survive? There’s a lot of weight in that tank. Lets
have a look under here Yep there’s a lot of weight on that. So that was about 4 minutes for you guys and
about 2 1/2 hours for me inm the rain, that goes to show what one person with a few
chain blocks can do. While you are here, check out my other videos
in the playlists you see here.

50 thoughts on “1 Person water Tank install 22,000 Litre 5000 Gallon how to do it by yourself Andy Thomsen EP.46

  1. Well done!  I have to install a new tank and this was inspiring.  Although it was "only" 880 lbs, perhaps it would have been wise to have someone around to spot you, or just in case you needed assistance?  That and the tank bed preparation?  Looks like a bare cut and leveled bed without any fill or compacting.  These tanks are pretty tough but 5 tons of water pressure on a small pointed rock underneath could be trouble.  And that water pressure is not evenly distributed over the bottom area of the tank.  Just thinking…

  2. Good point.  The total weight will be distributed over the "footprint" of the tank, and not focused at one point.  Water being something like 8.3 pounds per gallon,  5000 gallons is about 42,000 pounds, including tank weight, around 20 tons.  Not a small amount of load! A tall narrow tank will have more pounds per square inch than a low squat tank, and tanks are not always "flat" on the bottom, some are dished, and their shape changes with the load.  I read an engineering white paper, quite a while ago, most of which was beyond me, but I did remember being impressed with their calculation of bottom loadings, and it was not linear at all – most of the load was around the outer edges, if I remember correctly.  Another trick my neighbour came up with was to use a bit of used, and free, carpet under layment as padding underneath. The stuff was commercial grade, about 1/2 inch thick, and made from some sort of synthetic material, which, although unsightly, never seems to rot!  He cut, levelled and compacted a hillside location, but the soil was rocky, so he put a carpet "pad" underneath.  Another 'official install guide' suggested 30 lb roofing felt in several layers under the tank base, cut into doughnut shapes of various and descending sizes, with most of the layering on the outer edge, and only one layer, or none, at the centre. Although it's true, Poly Tanks can be welded/mended, me thinks it better to avoid future problems whenever practicable…

  3. What price for a tank that size. Do for the hole in my garden were ice cracked the rubber liner now just morass . Tank only now required.

  4. Awesome job man. Goes to show you man can do anything if he puts his mind to it…. And a few straps! I have four 12 footers to move and stand up. Thank you for the video.

  5. This was a new one for me Mate, love it, lots of ingenuity went into that exercise. After working as a Handyman and tackling all manner of projects for pretty much all my life I can really relate to that so well!! 🙂
    Cheers Neal..

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  7. The self-determination is inspirational !!! Great job, but you already knew that 😉. Thanks for sharing.

  8. How much storage do I need to supply 3 houses in Northeast Oklahoma supplied by rainwater?
    My thought is that I can have far cleaner water and pay less money than having a well drilled.
    Would I be better off to build a tank out of concrete blocks in the ground? Cheaper and so forth?

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