1.9: Resolving Merge Conflicts – Git and GitHub for Poets

55 thoughts on “1.9: Resolving Merge Conflicts – Git and GitHub for Poets

  1. So do conflicts only occur when you merge more than 1 file to your master. if you always merge one file at a time will it just continuously overwrite the previous lines with the new lines.

  2. I really like your Videos. You subjects I'm interested in, in a really good quality. I would love to see a topic about clean code and code structuring on big projects. Specially on the programming languages c, c++ and python. I this would also fit well in this playlist. Thank you for the videos you make, just keep going like you do. And please forgive my language, but English is not my mother language.

  3. BE CAREFUL with using the Git interface to solve merge conflicts. Sometimes when you Mark the files for resolved, it pushes to the wrong branch!! It is more safe to use the command line and fix it by hand in an Editor 🙂

  4. I have Tried the following it hasn't worked for me:-



  5. The Code for your Perlin Noise Terrain is giving fill effect in the JS rather than the node(particle effect).

    please look in to it as i am not able to get a hang of it.

    It maybe because of:-
    fill(200,200,200, 50);
    Also can you let me know How to link 'processing' with html file.


  6. I never understand the merge option. What if somebody decides to delete some important data structures at the top of the file and another person decides to use that data structure in a function at the bottom of the file? Looks like there's no conflict, but the program just got broken.
    I consider mergers done automagically to be a dangerous loop hole.

  7. Thank you. Been to lazy to figure out merge conflicts, so seeing this video really helped, especially since I am working on some pretty big projects at the moment.

  8. I work on elastix server which based on centos when I install an file this error appeared
      ( file /var/www/html/help/content from install of elastix-vtigercrm-5.2.1-10.noarch conflicts with file from package elastix-framework-4.0.0-18.noarch
      file /var/www/html/images/help/extras from install of elastix-vtigercrm-5.2.1-10.noarch conflicts with file from package elastix-framework-4.0.0-18.noarch )

  9. Thank you so much! I was super overwhelmed when I was trying to figure out how to fix merge conflicts. You saved the day!

  10. Can you make a video on how to do this using the git-cli?

    More git-cli videos please 🙂

  11. Could you show a command line way to resolve merge conflicts. And provide some tutorials on rebase, cherry pick, squash

  12. It kind of feels like magic when you move from whiteboard to computer. Maybe you should make a video on your studio setup.

  13. By far the best video on resolving conflicts. I am a master in resolving conflicts….ahem, I mean the GitHub conflicts 😀

  14. Question: I am using github desktop tool and it does not have a feature for merging the pull request. The only option is to use the github online interface which seems clumsy. Does anyone know about a desktop tool where I could see the conflicts side by side and select which one to include?

  15. Is there better explain about github on internet? I don't think so=) keep making your video, it's insane)))

  16. This was super helpful! Thank you very much! I managed to get my conflict solved in just 5 minutes.

  17. Thank you so much! Seems simple but was taking me ages trying to figure this out and needed someone to explain clearly!

  18. But… Okay, to continue your example, let's say that a pull req has changes to lines 2, 3, and 4. But, meanwhile, you've also gone and changed lines 4, 5, and 6 in your master. So a conflict occurs on line 4. You resolve it in favour of the master, ignoring the change to line 4 from the pull req.

    Isn't it possible that doing so will break some piece of functionality or some dependency in the pull req?

  19. So how does it know when files are conflicted? what i mean is this: if let's say someone changes line 5 in a file and pushes it. Then someone elkse pushes a change in line 5 too about 5 minutes later.. Why does it not just overwrite it like it would have in a normal situation? does github keep track of what file versions are where at any given time? Like:

    Person A pulls file X from master.
    Person B pulls file X from master aswell.

    then person A changes line 5 and pushes it (nothing happens and everything is fine)

    Github sees that there is an update to file X so it changes the files version.

    then person B pushes his changes on line 5 and there is a conflict because this person still has the older version of file X. This woudnt have been a problem if he changed other lines than line 5(which weren't changed in all the file X versions since his last pull).

    Than someone must decide what change to go with and mark as resolved.

    So to summerize:

    Github keeps track of versions in the background, everytime someone makes a commit the version number changes (calling it version number for simplicity sake)

    if you are working on a older file version than in the master you can only upload changes to lines were no change has been made in updates between your version number and the most recent one on the master.

    If you do it gets conflicted and needs to be resolved.

    i am trying to understand and im just explaining how i see it now,. Please correct me if im wrong.

    Thank you 🙂

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