01 The Flame and the Cross The South Caucasus

01 The Flame and the Cross   The South Caucasus

the silk Road of Asia leads far into the West Along this ancient path the winds of turbulent change are stirring once again The silk Road stretches all the way from xian, China through the middle east to rome italy In this episode we will take you on a journey to the south caucasus a region nestled in the crossroads between East and West the South Caucasus are surrounded by Mountains 5,000 meters high It has been an important strategic location and has endured centuries of invasions by foreign Forces Warfare continues to this day and more than 1 million people have become refugees due to ethnic conflicts There has always been a tragic history of conflict in the area where Noah’s ark is said to have landed We traversed the crossroads of the silk road where the flames of conflict burn unceasingly? We have been driving over for hours on a steep Mountain Road Our voyage began from the foot of the caucasus mountains in Georgia It is said that there is a village that symbolizes the history of the unending fighting The caucasus mountain peaks are over 5,000 metres high and stretch 1,200 kilometers This is where the silk road extending from China Runs into Europe The other side of the Mountains is Russia at The foot of rising Rocky mountains there is a village called Mestia With a history dating back to the 1St century before christ There are approximately two hundred towers spread throughout the Village The stone Towers are 20 meters in height and they seem to glare down at strangers The Village children told us there is an old song that relates to the history of the towers The Rabbit’s retreat to the Tower and won’t be deceived by the lying Fox What could be the underlying meaning of this song? This is a shravani the head of the village he is 72 years old He showed us the tower that his ancestors built about 1000 years ago The stairs are barely wide enough for an adult Hey, Raja muda whoa Jackie Supra Sahaja his Theory I read the most cinder Ramu What Norris are looser more cinda on Kiba’s somewhere you have the community under Shambhu? Sarples Ross Perot Sham, Sham Kobe Sarkozy Rabbits are running away from the lying foxes attack the towers were fortresses that saved people from their enemies I’m cisco’s crabby – Terry whoa-ho Da-da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da no for recess here’s what I did an annual vote. Yes cliffs. I have 10,000 The caucuses have been an important strategic location That link east to West south to North for generations It has been repeatedly invaded by foreign superpowers starting with Alexander the great Moving on to the Roman Empire Secession persia the Mongolian Empire the Team War Empire and the Ottoman Empire all have taken control of this area at some point in history life in Caucasia requires people to be prepared for war This mock cavalry battle originated from ancient combat exercises this flag with the shape of a lion symbolizes a warrior with courage even Today capturing the flag is considered a feat of great honor The Villagers have Gathered at a small church on the outskirts of the village they are holding a unique harvest festival to thank God for protecting the peace of the Village a Sheep has been sacrificed They are azerbaijanis who say they have been driven from their home village in the conflict with armenia These people have become refugees by the nagorno-Karabakh Conflict Which turned into a full-scale war in 1988? nagorno-Karabakh is under azerbaijani control and It used to be home to azerbaijani and Armenian people the move to unite with armenia caused the exile of both ethnic groups and Now there are more than 1 million people living in refugee camps We visited the refugee camp where the group of people we met in the street live? 13 years ago People who were displaced from their homes in nagorno-Karabakh? and other places Took refuge in this previously uninhabited Meadowland The government has provided electricity and running water, but the sewage system is still lacking there are about 450 families living in this camp, the Number of children who are born in the camp calling it their hometown is increasing? Tofu’s Rustom over an 80 year old woman came running up to us while we were filming Two versus small house is made of mud and straw Chavos lives with eight people her son Grandchildren and great-grandchildren during the soviet, Era Tova’s worked on a Coco’s farm growing vegetables the farm closed down due to the war and now the family lives on a monthly refugee stipend of $8 per person I’ll add a plashy. We’d ever thought of W the men on all the build a very elaborate any literature case I didn’t There is a commotion in one corner of the camp representatives from the government Announced to the people that they will be moved to new houses near their home village. Thanks to the profits from the oil trade Gina For years their dream has been to return to their home village oh On the other hand some people worry about the news The new houses will be located only five kilometres from the hometown that had become a war zone the new location is too close to areas occupied by the Armenian Army and There is a story of a farmer on a tractor who was shot Being mistaken for a soldier on a tank Tova’s his Grandson Ali is angry. He Says that by making them live so close to the border and the enemy the azerbaijan government is just using them as a shield Yes about an approximate I said too much Maggie Jordan between Gonna Simply did she should do it. I don’t wanna give in the universe with the hammer or Kugler. He’s a doctor a hamster Laughs isn’t that what phyllis did that time as myself? Oh you won’t have all that time a tomato will do Today the government officers come to tov Rose’s house to do the paperwork for the move Tobi’s is ecstatic because she is able to move close to her home village Her Grandson Ali cannot hide his fear Ali is not optimistic about the future Not only because of the danger, but also because finding work may not be easy elephant There is no choice in the matter the Azerbaijan government has already made the decision and Ali must follow orders Today is moving day Ali with an uneasy feeling silently helps tear down the house The whole Family and all of their household Goods pile into a soviet-made tractor truck and ride along the silk Road It has been 13 years since the family has left their home village Brand-new houses built with the profits from the oil trade lined the streets Their Neighbors have already moved in They have arrived at the assigned house It is only five kilometers from here to the village where tofu’s and her family used to live alleys Spots Scenery familiar to him In his excitement ali calls out to his family to look at the mountains Good nigga young shot them to beautiful. I love the g get it out. Oh boy he backed altogether Chavez has smelled the air of her home village for the first time in 13 years She hopes that she will be able to visit her old house and pay respects to her ancestors at their graves. Oh yeah, she Chopped down so what it’s a flower Travel Channel favorite flower You check in there. That’s for you There is an azerbaijani Garrison right next to their new neighborhood sporadic gun fights between the Armenian and Azerbaijani Army occur in this area the Azerbaijani government Plans to move the majority of the refugees close to the border in response to their request to move to an area near Their Home Village Here on the silk Road people’s wishes to return to their home Villages have been dashed by Conflict We come upon the strange site of flames rising from the Earth It is natural gas emerging from deep underground According to a local old man the flame has been burning for 3,000 years and is known as the eternal flame The caucasus economy is booming because of the oil revenue but on the other hand the fighting continues When will people be able to return to their hometowns? Shaitaan Autonomy legality Shaitan Valley in Sananda Shaitan Allah Shaitaan Indiscernible allah tala Shaitana Dermalogica chat, but all others Algy Lannister in Sama Deshita normal Shaitana – a taliban After leaving Azerbaijan we returned to Georgia The border with armenia is blocked off. So we have to pass through the neutral country of Georgia After we passed the border the silk road becomes enveloped in Green The Vineyards spread at the foot of the caucasus Mountains in Caqueta Province Which is famous for its whined and whined export supporting, Georgia’s main economy This area is called the birthplace of Wild Throughout its turbulent history the people have managed to preserve its winemaking traditions And Roche wash belly is 83 years old and his family has been making wine For over a thousand years My cellphones only supply anything inside. Yeah, Amador’s Chetan was young senator City boomers cups of sugar, what’s that Russia and Rose granddaughter Anna is 7 years old She gets along well with her ten-year-old brother and Reco. They live in a house surrounded by Vineyards And Roe has taught the grandchildren this traditional grape farmer song The unique method of Winemaking native to this area has been passed down through the generations On the first floor of the house are very large urns submerged in dirt this makes it possible to age the wine at a constant temperature the Urns are 1.3. Meters. Deep and traditionally it is the children’s job to clean them Winemaking begins with the variety of grapes that each family has been growing for generations We were told that the Georgian people risked their lives to preserve their winemaking traditions long Long ago This area was the capital of Georgia and its wine was exported far and wide along the silk Road The Oculto Monastery was the symbol of the wine capital of the world This prosperous capital was continuously attacked and burned to the ground During the 17th century the persian Army came here with many troops They burned the monastery and the residents of the area were forced to flee The Army was after the Georgians wine Wine sold at a high price and was a valued treasure that supported the Georgian community The invaders burned all of the vineyards and then killed the farmers Some people managed to Escape deep into the caucasus mountains carrying Grapevines with them They grew the fruit in secret Thus the Georgian wine tradition continued This is wine that the Georgian people risked their lives to protect in Georgia people drink wine while giving thanks to the ancestors who saved it from their enemy long ago, I Said I was alastair Anna drinks water oh Yeah, the wine has relaxed and Ro He takes out his pandora a folk instrument and performs a song about grapes The Georgians experienced much grief and shed many tears in order to save the wine tradition And Roe hopes that a time will come when his grandchildren will be able to make wine without worrying about the war So the gameís you this lemon about you got a thing going on Sammy Guarantee We say farewell to Andrew and his family three generations Preserving a thousand-Year-old winemaking tradition Next we proceed to armenia a country in the midst of a major conflict with its neighbor Azerbaijan We have entered Yerevan the capital Mount ararat stands over 5000 Metres above sea level and appears to be standing guard over the City This is where Noah’s ark washed ashore according to the old testament In the first century BC Armenia was a large kingdom at the foot of Mount ararat after that period However Outsiders such as the ottomans controlled the area The seventeen hundred year old head cathedral of the armenian church is located in the suburbs of Yerevan In the Cathedrals Treasure house there are various artifacts from the silk Road including pottery and silk cloth They are remnants of the prosperous past of this area One of the items housed here is a piece of wood believed to be part of Noah’s ark It is framed in gold work, and is a sacred item signifying the people’s roots The Armenian people believe that they are the direct descendants of Noah Having been ruled by outsiders such as the ottomans for a thousand years it has long been the ardent Hope of the armenian people to regain control of their country on The Eve of the Collapse of the soviet Union armenia started a war to regain nagorno-Karabakh a region been controlled by Azerbaijanis members of the Turkish ethnic group We head Toward the site of the war It is a village of abandoned buildings and there is evidence of gunfire everywhere On the way to the frontline we find repairs being made on a road that was destroyed in the war now That there is a ceasefire reconstruction efforts are being made at a torrid pace One young man has made a project of photographing this frenzy of activity Karen Mears Owen 24 is using the conflict as a theme for his photography work Oh, I think the feeling is only the positive feelings and when anybody works and do anything and It’s very good Karen is thinking of his own family’s long history of suffering from the conflict No bones. This is Karen’s grandmother vartouhi What my at the Barbican Theatre Suka the publisher I did silly justice titty? Bar do he says that she constantly thinks about the tragic story of her family told to her by her Grandparents when she was a little girl Stop being you’re popping a dunk Dissonant Homage Advice, Mr. Cheney button if they want me what could a native Chambertin we have corresponding searching above lenses after attaining Independence the Armenian Government built a museum To transmit the history of the tragedies experienced by the armenian people This is the Armenian genocide Museum The Armenian government asserts that during World War one the Ottoman Empire was fearful of an ethnic movement by the Armenians and forced many of them to emigrate as Well as massacring some 1.5 million people of armenian descent The Turkish government does not recognize these claims Karen has come to a realization Armenians have lost their country and many of their people in the past But the nagorno-Karabakh conflict is creating victims. Just like them in the present He became aware of this recurring tragedy when he was photographing a village that was the site of battles of the nagorno-Karabakh Conflict The Village is the hometown of Tauverus who we met at the refugee camp The Village has been deemed dangerous because it is close to the border. No one lives there now Karen wants people to see the photographs of the abandoned Village Because they serve as evidence of the tragedies caused by the Armenians desire to regain power over their lost land Village into latifah for Sam I would Start out by googling or gallop now that portable version of an Agora the nobility she’s a bedpost by the now professor skills Large Lesley, I was a luggage now could we We decide to head toward the war front that Karen visited and walked through numerous times Spread out before us are the ruins of Vaska Par Village? It was in the midst of the armenian and azerbaijani war Zone The Armenian Army’s observation post is on this mountainside 200 meters above it in a Trench under rocks lies the azerbaijani Army’s observation post We encounter a woman tending livestock in the village we had thought was no longer inhabited This is Morose gill Nazarian. She is armenian and is 59 years old She is living in the village even though it has been ransacked in the war s Mokopuna in Elberton Aha, economy Tricia merkel We said to charity Allah, but it’s been a busy there were about 200 houses in this village and Armenians and Azerbaijanis raised Sheep and farmed the land together thinking cause you think of Not mahanakhon a mickey and scanning you metallica including humming metallic ink non-Committal Mickey answer zanoits Keno Diacetyl Starlet, Allatoona 19 Hamilton Shotgun Turtleneck, how do not remove a garage natural natural initial increment Morris lives with her husband and Rooney They both say that one particular event that occurred during the war influenced their decision to continue living here One night when the fighting was particularly intense they heard a knock on their door Standing in the Doorway was their clothes azerbaijani friend idiot He had dodged gunfire in order to get to their house virtuous Career arsonists whether our staff are nocturnal of the house video calling which organized the Concerts, Mickleton hot scene become conscious I said before playing a cossack Man, he died at eren Mikasa cadet for which hotel for futility in a word Philip Sousa’s hopeless attach And they were fairly suppress Dodgem me toss Matryoshka Shari, Mr.. Ramirez job Let’s get off The fighting became more intense and morose and Andranik have heard nothing about a diet since then And Rinna climbs the hill every day and gazes at the village in which Armenians and azerbaijanis used to live harmoniously All the while he reminds himself that his close friend will never show his face here ever again how much economy should repeal doma Tuscany Minnici ish McConnell thought where is the crusaders the most of it over well insolvent election and Deplorable behavior Bouchard’s an across horse called in the Keupstraße in friendship the couple continues to live in their village Refusing to surrender the image of their dear friend running through the woods to say goodbye to them At the top of the silk roads path through the caucasus mountains There lies a pass upon which stands a thousand-year-old cross For ages the silk Road has provided prosperity and brought conflict This cross is witness to that history a history which continues to this day

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  1. Islam is a snake waiting to devour the world and then it would turn and eat its own tail. May the one true God be with these people.

  2. i dont understand why all ex soviet union countries are so poor n have a tough life with the nature that lack of sources n harsh weather…

  3. these people live far worst than the palestinians! where are the SJW protests?? too busy yelling about trans gender bathrooms??

  4. Meanwhile the Aliyev family is hiding billions in Foreign asetts & properties.
    It is estimated over $50 Billion has so far been stolen by the aliyev family & theie clan
    Whole 80% of Azeris live below poverty.
    We kicked out the corrupt bastards in our government in Armenia, its time to do same in Azerbaijan and maybe we can then negituate peace..

  5. Correction: Armenia did not start the war , Armenians in Artsakh ( karabagh) voted democratically for self determination & to unify with Armenia, after the vote, Baku orderd pogroms against Armenians in Baku, Sumgait & other regions, and it was Azerbaijan that startded the war. Armenia has almost always fought defensive wars against the invading hoardes of tartars, mongols, Arabs, and nomadic turkic tribes.
    If you doubt our history, then read Georgian history & Persian history whgich all confiem the facts, rather than the fabricated nonsense fron official azeri historical groups.

  6. Azerbaijan has oil and caviar. Twenty five years is too long. Alyev is stealing too much. Exactly. Why would the Armenians want to live like you.

  7. One million Azeris living in refugee camps. Between the earthquake and the Azerbaijani Armenians homeless, Armenia integrated all of their refugees and reimbursed all departing Azerbaijanis for their properties. The Azeris are such children. They hope to garner sympathy for the refugees, and they do, but the government of Azerbaijan is unwittingly proving the point of the Armenians. Why would the Armenians want to live in a corrupt Kleptocracy, run by a Corrupt Kurdish clan. Azerbaijan is using these civilians to goad the Armenians into returning fire, which inevitably they do, and the Azeri military parks next to civilian houses. Since the cease fire, Armenia has lost more than 500 children to sniper fire. Children because they are just 18 year old right out of school. Azerbaijan has Oil, Caviar, Gold, and many other resources. Armenia has water, rain, rocks, and Christianity. All bets are on the Azerbaijani army having a "walk" over Artsakh (formerly Nagorno Karabakh)., and its 150,000 total population and even capture a corridor to Turkey and their Nackichevan exclave. And yet, Armenians in the Caucasus have persevered. The Armenians of Artsakh used to inhabit all the area between the Khura River and the Arax River. Two hundred years of Islamic domination left the area totally ethnic cleansed of all Christians, and Artsakh gerrymandered into a small patch of its former self. The Artsakhians do not feel obligated to return any of their liberated territories, so another war, may see them reclaim even more of their former land. A fallacy in this Azeri production is that Armenia started the war. No, Azerbaijan started the war by the savage pogroms against the Armenian population in Sumgait, Baku, Kirovabad, etc. To the Turks, it was business as usual. To the Armenians worldwide, it was a reminder, an alarm call, and a re realization that Turkey and the Azeri Tatars, are out to eradicate the Armenians. In Turkey, hundred years later the Armenians, and the Kurds still live in an Apartheid State.

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