【Bendy And The Ink Machine】Can’t Be Erased -Metal Remix- (feat. Zak)

100 thoughts on “【Bendy And The Ink Machine】Can’t Be Erased -Metal Remix- (feat. Zak)

  1. This is a cover that burns into your heart like a tattoo. You can feel bendy's hatered for henry and joey for leaving him here. You can hear his cries and feel his pain.

  2. How did this get in my iTunes this isn’t a joke I was going to download the doom soundtrack and I saw this it was downloaded

  3. Wow , this is amazing! I keep listening to it constantly and whenever im bored. Great job Xandu !I even downloaded this with YouTube premium! This also made me realize the true art of bendy and the ink machine , so thank you for releasing this ! 😀

  4. 4:07 – 4:17
    For the longest time I always heard
    "Come with me we'll bring you towing, you can become leaders only,
    kicking breathing sinking slowly,
    if you saw that's what you owe me"

  5. I don't really like to listen to "fanboy/fangirl" songs like the original Can't Be Erased, I'm not trying to be offend anybody here though but this is pretty good for me since I am a Metal head and I wonder what type of style of Metal is this? Like is it from a band or I don't know a specific genre?

  6. honestly i prefer this over the original. for me this is how bendy should sound and it fits the theme of the game. jt's version bendy sounds like an old man which i would never depict him as

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