▶ Patek Philippe Nautilus Stainless Steel, White Dial UNBOXING & REVIEW – 5980/1A-019

Welcome to Jaztime. Today, we’re gonna be reviewing
a Patek Philippe 5980A-0019, it’s a discontinued White Dial, it’s a Nautilus Chronograph. Today’s gonna be the unboxing, and you guys are gonna be
the first ones to see it. So, here we go. Pull this guy out. It comes with this
leather, very nice cloth, and a wooden box, also
very nicely made as well, along with this cardboard box
underneath that you can see. And here’s the unboxing. And, bam! There it is! This is a Nautilus
Chronograph Patek Philippe in stainless steel, all stainless steel. It’s one of the top sports
watches in all of the world. And for Patek Philippe, it’s
one of the most sought-after. Very few are given to each boutique, so it’s very, very tough to come by. And in fact, this particular
piece, White Dial, for whatever reason, is discontinued. They started making this in 2006, the Nautilus originally started in 1996, but they didn’t have a revamp until 2006. So there’s a lot of cool
features about this watch, we’re gonna go through them,
show you what it comes with, how to work it, and maybe a place that you
could buy it if you like it. Okay, so let’s start with
what does it come with? Well, obviously it comes with the watch that you see in my hand. It comes with this little mini stylus, which I’m gonna show
you what it’s good for. Now let’s take a look at the box, the papers and manual that it comes with. It comes in a nice leather
pouch that you see here. The leather pouch, as I’m
feeling it, feels quite nice. Comes with this warranty paperwork. This is the Certificate of Origin. It shows the style number,
the movement number, the serial, et cetera, et cetera, who it came from, blah, blah, blah. It’s a very nice piece, and
of course it’s hand signed by the president himself, right there, with a nice, embossed stamp here. Okay, if you lose this, you can actually get an extract of it. You can’t get the original,
but you can get a copy of this one, alright. So that’s the warranty card. Comes with this booklet of, let’s see, oh I guess it’s a registration card, comes in a bunch of different languages. After you fill it out, you send it in. Okay, that’s pretty neat. It comes with this booklet
about how to use it and some information about it. What is so good about it? And just stuff you can probably
download on the website in a bunch of different
languages, of course. And, some other pamphlets and
about their other collections, et cetera, et cetera. Okay, let’s go on, move
on to the watch itself, ’cause that’s what we’re here for. Now, if you’ve chosen this watch or thinking about choosing this watch, you’re probably wondering, “Well, why am I paying almost
$40,000 or maybe even more “for this stainless steel watch?” I mean, this is the
price people are buying gold watches for, and
the reason is because well one, it’s a Patek,
two, it’s very limited, and three, you pretty
much have the kingpin of all stainless steel chronographs. Steel chronographs are very cool because well, they’re
manly, they look cool, they have this beefy
right hand side, usually, and it’s kinda like you
can wear these things while you’re doing sports, and you can also wear
them to the dinner party after you’re done, so
it’s really, really cool. Alright, now you look
here at the side profile of this watch, you’ll
notice that it’s quite thin unlike some other watches, such as the Offshore, the Deep Sea, and it fits quite
comfortably on the wrist, that’s why a lot of
people prefer the Nautilus as opposed to the Offshore,
which would be the competitor. I would probably say that
the competitor to this watch for each brand would be the
Rolex Daytona competitor for the Ottomars, it would
probably be the Offshore, and for the Vacheron, it would
probably be the Overseas. And of course, Patek
is the most expensive, hovering right around $40,000, where as Daytonas would probably run you around 13,000, and APs, somewhere
in the $20, $30,000 range. Okay, so let’s figure out, how do we actually use this watch? ‘Cause now that you bought
this $40,000 plus watch, you might wanna use it. It’s a chronograph, and what’s
special about this piece is that it doesn’t have
a running second hand, so you might think it’s not working, but it’s just because there isn’t one. What I’ll do is press the
upper button right here, it starts the chronograph. When this second hand goes around, a full 60 seconds, then this right here will move over one notch
to the one-minute mark. And when this outer ring
moves around an entire time, one full revolution, equaling 60 minutes, the little inside one
will move over one notch, meaning it actually moves
over at half an hour and then the full hour. That make sense? Now you’re probably wondering, “Well how do I change the date? “Is it like other watches
where I just unwind the crown “and change it?” Well, actually the answer is no. You have what’s called the date
change indicator right here, and that’s what this stylus is for, the one that we saw earlier in the video. So what I’m gonna do, is I’m just gonna make sure that the time is not between nine and one because I wanna make sure that
I adjust the date properly and that the wheels don’t skip. So it’s at two o’clock, so I’m safe. You see that the time now is 19, right? I’m gonna go ahead and press
this little button right here, and I’ll press it so you guys can see it with my other hand. Okay, you see this? Ready? 1, 2, bam! Now, it changed to 20. That’s how you change the date. Seems kinda strange though. What if you lost his pen? Well, I’m sure you could buy another one. It seems like for such an expensive watch, why would you need something
else to change the date here? But anyways, I guess you
could also do it manually by turning it through. Now let’s go ahead and try to
set the time on this as well. And now you’ll see here, since I’ve been leaving
the chronograph running, that the minute hand
has already moved over to the two-minute mark. You guys see that? Right there? Alright, I’m gonna go
ahead and stop it for now. And boom, restart. You saw everything pop back in place. I’m gonna go ahead and
pull down the crown, and this is how you wind it. You hear that? And if I pull it out one more, now I can change the time. Push it back in, don’t cross
the treads, and turn it. And that’s it! Now, let’s talk about the
bracelet a little bit. You’ll notice here that the central links are high polish, meaning it’s shiny, and here is a brushed finish, and it might be difficult
for you guys at home to tell, but the Patek is so well polished, there’s this slight line right here that is a high polish. Okay, it has this double
deployment buckle here. Double deployment means
that there’s two sides. You see this is one, and this is two. That’s a double deployment as opposed to a single deployment where it just folds over once. Okay, you can see of course it has this beautiful, 18-carat
gold rotor for the movement, and it’s quite a nice movement. Now, let’s take a look at how this watch looks like on the wrist. And there you guys have it. That’s the Patek 5980A-019 White Dial. If you like this video, and you wanna see videos on other watches, subscribe below. If like this video, or even
if you don’t like this video, comment on it, let us know what you think. We’re always trying to improve and give you guys the
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