Рихтовка шлема. Ковка доспеха.Planishing medieval helmet. Forging armor, just do it.

Рихтовка шлема. Ковка доспеха.Planishing medieval helmet. Forging armor, just do it.

Hello everyone! This is the ArmorySmith Workshop and I’m continuing to make the armet “Griffon”. Now I need to make a final adjustment of the shape, straightening and welding. Make the skull of the helmet complete. The first half is done. The left one. And it took around 2 hours. In fact, that is a lot. As you may have noticed, while straightening the left half, or is it the right one? Yes, right. I regularly adjusted it to the left one. While straightening, the metal loses its shape and it is harder to adjust halves to one another. You shouldn’t finish all the work and only then try to adjust everything at once. It is better to do it while the detail holds its original shape. This will make your job easier. I wanted to finish it two sets. But it turns out I need a third period of time to finish it, Because it is 9.30 PM at the moment. But almost straightened helmet will be finished in 5 hours. And it will take 1.5-2 hours to weld it and polish the welding seam. Therefore, it will add up to the 7 hours of work. 7 hours to make such a helmet skull. So, it is a third time I’m doing it, I’m ready to continue. This bottom part is not straightened yet. And I need to weld it. It has been 5 hours 15 minutes since I’d started the work. And I’m ready to weld the two halves together. The most important thing while welding is the top of the helmet. This is sort of a beacon. I’m connecting the top. And I’m adjusting the rest according to it. I’m connecting the halves together. I’m not showing the welding, because the light will change rapidly and it won’t be pleasant to look at. The helmet skull id finished, it has been 6 hours 30 minutes since I’d started the work. The helmet is not welded on the inside, because when I’m forging the visor here I will need to be able to adjust the skull and the visor to one another. There will be two movable visors. Which is why I’m not welding there, so I have the possibility to adjust the parts properly. I think I will need to bend it a bit here, most likely I will cut it. In fact, the work on the skull is not completed in full, but I can continue only when I have the rest of the details. So I can connect them and adjust to one another. At this moment, this is a visible piece of work, which needs to be done so it is possible to start making the visor. When we are assembling some complicated items, we start with the base. It this case this base is the skull. And the small parts are made after it. The welding from the inside will take around 45 minutes. And 45 minutes to cut it. Roughly speaking, I will need around 1.5 hours to work on this skull. Adding up to the 6.5 hours which I already spent on this such good, finished skull will take around 8 work hours. Of course, I thought I will be able to finish it quicker. But for the work to go quicker I will need to work with a cameraman. Because I spend the time to set the frame, change batteries. Answer some calls, questions. I will go back to this question, how fast would I be able to make the helmet if I really tried hard. Thank you for watching, Leave a like if you liked it. I will make a video about the visor later. Thank you, till the next time!

26 thoughts on “Рихтовка шлема. Ковка доспеха.Planishing medieval helmet. Forging armor, just do it.

  1. Полуавтоматом варили? Если простой дуговой то какой ток ставили и какие електроды использовали?

  2. я одного понять не могу. Зачем ты засекачешь время?

  3. А как в те времена создавали такой шлем, тоже из половин, а затем как-то соединяли?

  4. Чи можете ви показати, як підробити зелений, який маєте обладунок?
    Done with Google translate. I only speak English sooo yeah

  5. You are using historical techniques to shape your metal. Add modern equipment to the the process. Use a power hammer or 15 ton press to stamp the general shape. This will significantly reduce your production time while maintaining the historical look.

    Вы используете исторические методы для придания формы своему металлу. Добавьте современное оборудование к процессу. Используйте силовой молот или 15-тонный пресс для штамповки общей формы. Это значительно сократит ваше время производства при сохранении исторического облика.

  6. Интересно, а как старые мастера обходились без сварки при ковке подобного шлема?

  7. Ja delal raznich zukov takim metodom.A vi delaete s nerzaveiki ili list garecei ili chalodnoi katki???

  8. Честно говоря, немного разочарован. Горелку и болгарку еще понимаю, время экономят и жизнь облегчают. Но вот сварка… Кузовные работы какие-то а не ковка)
    Но все равно – очень очень интересно наблюдать.

  9. А что за швы на макушке вы что сектора вырезали что бы форму придать и потом заваривали? Тогда как средневековые кузнецы без сварки ковали? За вопрос где они металлопрокат брали историки сразу забанят.

  10. I make swords. Usually, Chinese-style. It always, every time, takes far longer than I think it will in a one-man shop. I know how you feel.
    great work, and it is nice to watch a different kind of metalwork from what I do. It is inspiring.

  11. Your channel inspired me to build my own harness. Do you have any tips on dishing helmet halves? (Or raising) I am having an issue where it rolls or bends one way but won't go the other way so I end up with a tube basically rather than a half head shape. Thank you! You do incredible work keep uploading

  12. А чего сварку не проковали?
    Вот так в одиночку ковать латы долго и утомительно.

  13. Было бы интересно перед видео увидеть картинку готового шлема/доспеха и узнать о нем краткую сводку (когда, кто носил, минусы, плюсы и тп).

  14. Сначала подумал, что вы запаеваете швы горелкой) отлично получается, респект масеру)

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