Бацинет “Украина” Ч.1 Bascinet “Ukraine” Pt 1, eng sub.

Бацинет “Украина” Ч.1 Bascinet “Ukraine” Pt 1, eng sub.

Hello everyone! This is the ArmorySmith Workshop. Today I will start making the helmet a bascinet which was found in Ukraine. Prior to it I was lucky to be making almost the same bascinet. In the work process I needed to change the sizing a bit because the helmet needed to be fitted for the client’s head. Which is why there’s a difference on the picture and this helmet. This is a test variant, I’ve been working on the pattern. Now I’ve understood all of the nuances. And now i will be making one with the measurements taken from the artifact. This will be the first time I have any measurements, any sketch and so on. Usually the orders are made based on the pictures. Which is often a bad angle and image quality. This is the previous pattern. I fixed it in the process of work. Cutting the halves and the pattern as well. And some more need to be made. So, I’m continuing to make a bascinet found in Ukraine. I made a paper pattern first. I’ve tried to fit it to the shape. Considering geometry, sizing. The main principle of the houndskull is folding it into the cone. As the grandma’s were selling the seed in such cones. Here is the same thing. You get the volume for the visor. This is not shape or geometry. But it is something similar. And here is the visor itself. Now it is flat. The visor is not that complicated, really. From the other houndskulls. This part does not have the defined rib on the top. The defined rib is only on the bottom. There is no mouth. Which also make the job simpler. So, we bend the cone, forge a bit here make the ribs bend a bit here and that is all. If the pattern is correct, if the hand is used to it, the job is done. But here, of course, you should pay attention to geometry and sizes. It will be difficult in that relation. At the moment the visor has this rounding as a cone And these parts near ears here are forged a bit, so that the visor would fit the bascinet. Which has a rounding in this place. From the sides bascinets has the cylindrical shape and the rounding starts at the top. Which is why here and here there’s a dishing. This type of visor should be fixated so the further work is more comfortable. When I will be forging here this parts here will be damaged, which means there can be a break on the nose. The detail moves around which causes cracks, not pleasant. And it is more comfortable this way. Which is why it is better to use this instrument. It happens so that the size of the detail is enough to use this instrument. I made the pattern quite precise, so it makes sense to do a temporary welding. It is now a bit welded, and I can continue forging it. So, here is how it fits. It is very important that the details meet here perfectly. So that it doesn’t fall down further. The skull is preventing it to fall. And it cannot go down further. This way the vision is always in the spot where it needs to be. By the way in visors of the bascinets where there supposed to be an aventail, like here you should leave these gaps more than I have now Here. In other case you put an aventail on it and the visor cannot stay in place.

12 thoughts on “Бацинет “Украина” Ч.1 Bascinet “Ukraine” Pt 1, eng sub.

  1. Ребята, крутые видео получаются о том, как вы что-то изготавливаете. А можете сделать видео с объяснением: как делать выкройки под свой размер ?

  2. Do you get hand pain from hammering cold steel? Is there a reason you do not use heat?

  3. А можете по почте мне выкройку данного шлема прислать ? если можно то 60 размер головы. И где матрицы брали ?

  4. Че с ногой ?!!! Ты давай там не безобразничай , ты нам живой и здоровый нужен !!!

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