Massage body toned skin for girlfriend

Massaging the body’s blood circulation, helping the body to be supple, recovering from the hardships of life as well as helping to clear the skin, bringing long-lasting firmness.
With these benefits, you should know some basic masage techniques to perform at home for your loved ones or yourself.
OS 400Not only relax , massage body also help your skin firm, healthy from the inside.
Massage body in using the best massage chair reviews is a light physical impact on the muscles and skin, directly stimulates the body’s acupuncture points, helps blood circulation, dispel fatigue stress . In addition, massage therapy helps the body reduce joint problems such as fatigue, fatigue, shoulders and back of the neck. When the body is fully rehabilitated, the spirit will also be more alert to welcome a new work week. Add energy to yourself and the followingbody massage tips :
Massage oil
Bed sheet
A few towels
Pillow or cushion
Massage table, cushion or carpet.
If possible, invest in a specialized room for relaxation. Or just a small corner wide enough to cover the carpet is that you can also carry a body massage
You can massage anywhere you feel comfortable, but it is better to choose quiet places, light and warm light. You should light a little scented candles or open the soft music to create a more peaceful space. Most people do not have a massage table, so it is best to use a mattress or carpet over a wide floor area.
Before you start, you should put some oil on the palms and rub the palms together to warm the oil. This will aid oil penetration into the body better. Here are 5 full body massage techniques for hands, feet, back, abdomen and head.
Open your hands and gently massage your body upward or circular, making sure that the oil is rubbed all over the massage area. This is one of the most basic and most used massage techniques. You can change the speed and force to create different sensations, but it is recommended that only the strong center of the body be used.
With the area of ​​the body you just applied oil, start to stroke up muscles to clear the muscle fibers trapped. Keep your hands parallel, claw and lift the muscles with the inside of your fingers, trying not to let your hands leave the body. Note in the upward direction will help the skin to limit the risk of sagging.
One hand to round out before, the other hand to close on your side. The movement changes hands, lifts the hands near and away from the hands. Massage is similar to stroke, but uses stronger force to move the muscles. Move gradually toward the center and back again. When you massage in hard and narrow muscles, you can use your thumb to perform.
Pressing is a movement that acts on a distinct point, as opposed to massage. If you want to feel stronger, you can use Chair MK-IV Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair, hold about 8 seconds for each click and then release. Never press too hard on joints, large blood vessels and spine. Typically, the thumb gives the best force, keeping it straight with the arm, however, you can use other fingers, even using the knuckle joint or the elbow.
At this point, the muscles are beginning to dilate, increase blood flow and allow the nervous system to control the body’s activity. Grasp your hands, gently press on the muscles.
You can change the speed and force in each area of ​​the body, or open your hands and use tight or tense movements with your fingers on sensitive areas such as face and head.

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